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Less Pain and Illness,

More Health and Vitality!

Darlington Acupuncture Club aims to provide low cost but high quality acupuncture in Darlington, to increase awareness of traditional acupuncture as a means of improving and maintaining health, and to make acupuncture treatments less daunting and more pleasurable.

The Club is situated in Lingfield Way, Darlington, which is easy to find. There is free parking directly outside and the Club is on the ground floor with easy access from the car park.

At the Club several people can be treated together in one room. Because the cost is lower, more people can access treatment often enough and for long enough to get better and stay better. Privacy is not usually an issue as most acupuncture points are on the lower legs and arms, but screens are available if necessary.

People can come to the Club with friends and relatives almost as a ‘social event’. Of course some people will just want to relax in a quiet atmosphere during their treatment, and that’s ok too!


Unit 5 Evans Business Centre (Flexspace)

Yarm Road Business Park

Lingfield Way



01325 526140